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To play the podcasts "in page" click on the grey arrow next to the title. Provided you have
Flash installed in your browser (don't worry, nearly everybody has!), you should hear the audio
begin to play. To download the MP3 file to listen to later (or load into your MP3 player!),
right click on the title and select "Save Link as ...".

Some of the Podcasts are unedited in order to put them on-line quickly. Since our

services are informal, interactive and unpredictable there may be times when the
recording is not always clear and there are short gaps as others in the congregation
(away from microphones) contribute to the service. They are offered as 'rough cut
podcasts' to those who have missed the service or to others who want to get a
flavour of what we do and say.

Graham McClelland, "Digging Wells", 5th Nov 2017
Mike, "Values", 29th Oct 2017
Stephen Poxon, "Elisha and the Shunammite", 2nd Oct 2017
Pam Lee-Smith, "My Journey with God", 10th Oct 2017
Nick S., "Saul to Paul" 1st Oct 2017
Brian S., "Engaging with change", 24th Sep 2017

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