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Val,"Grace and Truth", 24th Nov 2019
Stephen Poxon, "Paul and Festus", 27th Oct 2019
Samuel, "Soldiering", 6th Oct 2019
Nick, "Jesus the Prophet", 29th Sep 2019
Mike, "Author and Finisher" 22nd Sep 2019
Claire W., "Trip to Nepal" 8th Sep 2019
Claire P., "The Holy Spirit in our lives", 14th July 2019
Val, "God's views on Status", 7th July 2019
Elizabeth Harris, "Noah", 16th June 2019
Shaun, "Pentecost", 9th June 2019
Felden Lodge Session 2, 2nd June 2019
Felden Lodge Session 1, 2nd June 2019
Tom, "Paradox and the Samaritan", 26th May 2019
Shaun, "The Greatest Comeback", 5th May 2019
Val, "Outnumbered", 28th Apr 2019
Claire W., "Pray, Give, Fast", 7th Apr 2019
Claire P., "Come follow Me", 31st Mar 2019
David B., "The Day of the Lord" 10th Mar 2019
Shaun, "Vision", 10th Feb 2019
Trevor Withers, "3 Planks to Faith", 3rd Feb 2019
Shaun, "Calling", 27th Jan 2019
Shaun, "Priorities", 30th Dec 2018
Stephen Poxon, "Light in the Darkness", 9th Dec 2018
Lionel Wallace, "Truth or Tradition?" 2nd Dec 2018
Pam Lee-Smith, "With the God of the Impossible", 25th Nov 2018
Shaun, Remembering, 11th Nov 2018
Mark Pinney, Psalm 1, 4th Nov 2018
Claire W., "The Trinity", 30th Sep 2018
Mike, "Messianic Prophecy", 23rd Sep 2018